Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Bunnies!

So poor little Beckham has finished his 5th antibiotic, and the ear infections cleared up, but still left fluid behind again. So the infections will be back, and when they are we will go see a specialist about tubes. His left ear drum also ruptured, so he has been having a hard time. He also has new teeth coming in. He's up to 7 now, with 3 more on the move. He is so active! He has started cruising on furniture. And he will let go of things to stand for a second or two. I want him to slow down!

Katie has been obsessed with her "princess" dress lately. She does not want to take it off. Ever. She wore it to a carnival, chuck e cheese, grocery store, and Red robin. Sleeping, waking, every second. I did manage to get it from her, with some kicking and screaming (from her) to wash it the other day. It is about time to steal it again. As you can see in the picture, she wears her regular clothes underneath. Some of you may be thinking, "well, aren't you the boss of her?" Which technically I am, yes. I, however, choose my battles with Katie wisely. She is a first rate rascal. She is by for the most fiesty (which really means bratty) of my kids. She is really giving me a run for my money, which is already in short supply. She is just so stubborn! (me tearing my hair out, while scratching my eyes out in frustration!) She is also the sweetest too. How does that work out? Split personalities? Well, wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My little Katie-bugger

Ok so Becca tagged Katie so today you get to know all about her. Here are 6 random things about her!

1. Katie loves to carry around the weirdest things. She loves tissues, which she affectionately calls nissues. Paper towels are a close second. She is the queen of random toys. If we come over to your houe, I guarantee that she will find something to play with that no one else would look at-or that you thought was cleverly hidden. A few examples you ask? Katie loves candles of any kind. If they are within reach, she is carrying them around. She prefers small ones and then she sips from them. At my parents house she always pulls the little scrap of a cloth from under the dining room table. (It's there to protect the wood floor.) She then wraps it up and carries it around like a baby. She also does this with the kitchen towel, or any clothing that she finds. She manages to find matches, knifes and other dangerous objects wherever we go. She also loves wipes. These can also be treated like little babies. Oh and yes she does have actual baby dolls....

2. Katie loves to bully Sami. She is so good at it too. She is constantly bugging her and telling her no about things. Sami is always complaining to me that Katie told her she couldn't do something or that Katie said she wasn't her: sister, mom, dad or whichever character she is supposed to be playing. Katie will go sit right next to, but mostly on top of, Sami. She will then lay there like a rag doll while Sami screams in terror. All the while Katie is smiling away. She does the same thing to Hammy but he loves it.

3. Katie is so sweet! She is always saying thank you and pretty please. She always tells us she loves us so much. She loves to snuggle. If there are more than 2 people involved in the snuggle she then says: "Look we're a family!" She always plays with Beck, and then says " look he's love me!" She will change that s around someday I'm sure.

4. Katie is such a good eater. She will eat mostly anything. She likes somewhat spicy food too. She loves dried mango, yogurt, salami, pickles, V8, and of course, "treats" She asks for treats as soon as she wakes up in the morning.

5. Katie loves to color, and play with play-doh, or flubber. Luckily I think she is finally out of the coloring on walls and such. She can play with flubber for hours. (I could too.) She is very good about entertaining herself, and has become very independant in the last week or so. She wants to do everything by herself. And then if she can't do it, she kind of sits there for a minute, not wanting to admit defeat, then she humbly asks for help. It is so cute!

6. Last but not least, Katie loves the Backyardigans. She could watch them all day long, or talk about them and read books about them. She always wants me to sing their theme song at bedtime. I try to lean more towards primary songs, but she always wants that song. She is always Tasha the mermaid in the bathtub, and she makes Sami Uniqua wether she wants to or not. Before she saw the backyardigans she didn't care much for t.v. And she still doesn't unless its' that or shrek is another one of her favorites.

Health update.

Ok, so the kids are all doing much better! Thanks to everyone for prayers and such. Beckham is finally out of the woods. He is still doing breathing treatments but a lot less than he was. He is teething so I can't say he is a lot happier, but at least he's breathing easier. Katie ended up with double ear infections as well. She is also doing the nebulizer and an inhaler as well. The doctor said since the both have excema pretty bad that they were prone to asthma. I thought that was interesting. Anyhow, Katie will finish her antibiotic tomorrow and hopefully that will be the end of it for awhile! I will have to take a picture of Beckham with his little oxygen mask on and Katie with her "peace pipe" and add them tomorrow. Or the next day, or maybe never. But I at least thought of doing it!

Monday, March 3, 2008

My cute kids!

Ok so I thought I'd put up some recent, and adorable pictures of my kids. I'm annoying I know. Well, things are finally settling down. The kids are all slowly getting better. Here's Sami and Katie at Fat Cat's in Ogden Utah. We went bowling and played arcade games and ate some really expensive food....
Here's cutie Beckham trying to hide from the darn paparrazi. (Spelling?)
They are remodeling our apartment complex, so while it's annoying to have workers coming and going. It will definetly be worth it! We are trying to figure out our move to Utah as well. For Aarons' final year in optometry school we have four rotations. The first starts in May, in Salt Lake. The second is internal, somewhere around Portland, the third is Eugene Oregon and the final one is in Chandler Arizona. I can't tell you how excited we are about that one! One more year! I know many of you have been counting the days till we get try to stay positive, the end is in site!