Monday, February 25, 2008

Sami has been tagged!

Lot's of tagging going on out there. So Sami's tag is 6 random things about herself. Well, let me tell you, Sami is pretty random. Tonight we went upstairs to go to bed and she was standing in front of our full length mirror. She was looking over her shoulder at herself, saying how handsome her back (which probably means her butt!) looks. I think she got that from Aaron. Ok moving on!
1. She has two fiancees. Or boyfriends, or boy toys. Which ever you want to call them. She has two little friends in her preschool class that she is always talking about. Their names are Easton and Jackson. She told the babysitter the other day that Easton was going to help put a baby in her tummy! Woah I know. So that would be an explanation gone awry from Aaron. I've told him to be more careful in the future. So there's all sorts of marriage talk and such, but Sami hasn't picked who she wants for sure yet. Really there's no hurry.

2. Sami loves to learn! She has a few little workbooks that she always wants to do. She especially loves it when Aaron does them with her. She loves going to her preschool, though she's missed a lot for illnesses this year. She loves to learn new songs, and to look at shapes and letters.

3. Sami is such a little mommy. She always wants to help with Beckham, and is always pretending her stuffed animals are babies. She loves to feed them, put diapers on them, and puts them to sleep all around the house. Then she tells everyone to be quiet because the baby is sleeping. She kind of gets upset if you keep talking. She is always watching over Beckham as he is crawling to make sure he won't get hurt. She is very sweet to him, until he slobbers on one of her toys, then the sweetness goes out the window. She also nurses stuffed animals. She doesn't keep it realistic by just nursing babies. She doesn't discriminate between species.

4. Sami does not like "spicy" things. Spicy is a very loose term. It includes actual spicy food, such as mexican food. She also calls things that are in the mint family spicy. She will only eat fruit gum, no candy canes, and sometimes even ketchup is too spicy. Seasoned fries, or tater tots are also a no-no. She loves to eat pickles, pistachios, beef jerky, and anything with ranch.

5. She loves to play video games with Aaron. She even has her own controller. It's broken but don't tell her that. She always checks to make sure there are batteries in it. She always wants to sit on his lap to help him, which is of course no help at all.

6. When she was a baby she went through quite a fussy stage. I'd like to refer to is as the: Sami has really bad colic, and it's horrible, I don't know if I can survive stage. I've actually tried hard to forget it...Anywho, so she would scream and cry for a few hours in the evening and nothing could get her to stop. Nothing. So one time we tried playing music really loud to see if that would stop her. We have a dvd of Beastie boys' videos (courtesy of Darrel, I believe.) So we popped that in and selected Intergalactic. We sat down with her right in front of the t.v and turned the volume way up. She quieted down instantly and fell asleep within about a minute and a half. We were simply amazed. We tested this phenomenon thoroughly. Unfortunately, we had plenty of opportunities to do so. That was the only song that would do the trick. None of the other videos had the same effect. I even remember showing this to my younger brothers once, just in case no-one believes me. She would quiet right down and then fall asleep with this song blaring. It was crazy!
Ok so that is my little Sami! She is so fun to have around. I can't believe she is almost 4! I am getting old.

Tagged again!

Okeedokee folks. Lindsey tagged me so now you'll get to know much more about Aaron and I then you ever wanted to!
How long have you been together? About 7 1/2 years. Married for 6 1/2.
How old are you? Aaron is 29. I am 26.
Who eats more? Probably me
Who said I love you first? I can't remember?
Who is taller? He is but we tie if I wear heels. So you can imagine how often that happens.
Who sings better? Me, but it's just the lesser of two evils.
Who is smarter? I'm going to go with Aaron on this one. There are some subjects where I outshine him though. For instance I can call him names and tell him he is wrong in English, German and Japanese.
Who does the laundry? I do but he helps.....sometimes
Who does the dishes? We take turns.
Who pays the bills? They go through automatically
Who mows the lawn? We don't have a lawn to mow, but if we did he would.
Who cooks dinner? We take turns cooking mac n cheese! Aaron is a really good cook.
Who is more stubborn? I am.
Who kissed who? I kissed him. He said he wasn't ready for a serious relationship! He just didn't know what was good for him.
Who asked who out? I'd say it was me since I made the first move.
Who proposed? He did.
Who is more sensitive? That depends on if I'm pregnant or not.
Who has more friends? Probably me. (I know that sounds rude.)
Who has more siblings? We tie at 7-crazy I know.
Who wears the pants in the relationship? I'm going to say it's me. But I'm very nice about it!

Ok so I'm going to tag Brittany, Trina, Nicole, Becca and Jill.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We are sick...

So my kids are trying to set records for most hospital visits in 2 weeks. So as of publishing time Beckham has had 3 e.r visits, Sami has two, and Katie is the loser with only one. Sami and Beck are on their second antibiotic each. They all had pink eye in both eyes. Sami and Beck have had double ear infections, and they all have coughs, fevers, the poops, no appetite, and are cranky!!! Beckham has a nebulizer for breathing, and he was officially diagnosed with pneumonia today. We were supposed to fly home this evening, but since we went to the hospital instead, that didn't happen. So this evening he is running a fever (again) vomiting, (so much fun) and he is still having retractions around his ribs, and difficuly breathing. So I am sure I won't sleep a wink tonight! Sami was our temperature queen, topping out at 105.8. Katie highest thus far is 104.7 and Beck is usually around 103. Beckham is also getting two new teeth. They are all refusing to take anymore meds and I can't blame them. Well, I hope we make it through tonight. I am almost out of clean clothes and so is Beckham. So I'm going to try some grape pedialite and see if that stays down. Wish me luck!
P.s. Sami has been tagged and I promise to fulfill all your hopes and dreams and tell you all about her. Soon.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm in Utah!

Yeah I'm in Utah! We have been having a lot of fun. My brother Brent is home from Iraq for 10 days, and my brother Derek is here from Arizona. We've had everyone in the family together except Devin, who's on a mission in Japan, and Janel, my sis-in-law, who is working in Az. So it has been fun and a little crazy with all the kids running around. There are 9 grandkids, 3 and under! Makes things exciting. Here's Travis holding all my kids. So strong!
Here is Sami, Beckham and their cousin Zachary. They've been reading, and eating, books!
Katie loves Grandpa! She is always following him around. She loves to go out and break of icicles and eat them.
We are so excited that Aaron is coming to see us on Thurs! We have missed him.

Monday, February 4, 2008

I've been tagged!

Ok, I've been tagged as it were, and so has Beckham. I'm supposed to blog about 6 random things about myself, and then I'll do Ham-chops.

1. I am a huge japanese anime and manga DORK! Haha I know I am a nerd, I'm not denying it. I like to watch all sorts of different anime, and love to read manga. (Japanese comic books) I am very interested in all things Japan. I am taking japanese classes and as previously stated, I am planning a trip to Japan for next summer! It's Aarons' fault really. He made me watch Dragonball z back when we were dating and the obsession grew from there. He created a monster...

2. I am musically talented. What? Well, I am. I don't get to toot my own horn very often so please bare with me. I play the piano. I think most of you know this. I can't wait till I grow up and get a home of my own and a piano. I have a keyboard but it's not like a full-size piano. I'm missing keys! I am currently learning to play the violin! I love it. It's such a beautiful instrument. I can't wait till I can play more difficult pieces. Aaron and the kids are probably getting sick of old macdonald and mary had a little lamb!

3. I had braces in 7th and 8th grade. Bad as that was, it was slightly common. To make things worse, I had head gear! Not very many people outside my immediate family knew this as it was a closely guarded secret. I only had to wear it at night, and I didn't have it for very long. I am very sure that no picture was ever taken, which is sad now, because it would be fun to make fun of myself now.

4. I love dry cereal! I could (and sometimes do) eat cereal for every meal of the day. Tooty fruities are my favorite. They are generic fruit loops- I think I like the generic better simply because that is what I grew up eating. We were supposed to only have one bowl, and we could only have it every other day, we had to have oatmeal in between. With 8 hungry kids cereal tends to go fast. We always got a big bag of cereal for christmas too. Which you then wrote your name all over and hid so nobody would "mistake" it for theirs. Some other favorites are original cap'n crunch, cinnamon toast crunch, and grape nuts. Grape nuts needs a lot of sugar....

5. Wow, this is hard because I don't lead a very exciting life. Ummm, I collect pez dispensers. Or I should say, I used too. I have quite a collection, which is, I'm sure-not worth a dime. But it was fun. I have most of the star wars characters, yoda being my favorite. I have all 4 ninja turtles, I'm not sure if there was a splinter or shredder, a lot of looney toon characters, ones from all sorts of different movies, jack-from jack in the box, and lots' of stale pez candy. I am a big nerd!

6. Almost done! Now you all know that I am a dork! I guess most of you already knew that. And for those that didn't I'm surprised that I fooled you for this long. I asked Aaron to help me come up with something to say and his suggestion was- "You have an innie." So you can see how much help he's been. Ok so to add to my dorkiness I love video games! The halo series for xbox are probably my favorite. We also own a wii- it's a funny name I know. I keep telling Aaron how nice he has it that I will play games with him. He doesn't have to ask my permission and risk incurring my wrath. I'll happily play alongside him, and I'm a descent player too. I no longer shoot the floor, or the ceiling. I put in many man hours to hone my "skills" So to you other housewifes who have given up after one game-it can be done!
So let's review: I am a dork. I am a nerd. And I am quite happy being those things! So now on to Beckham!
1. Beckham has 4 teeth so he is no longer nursing! You can guess why. And it's not simply because he has teeth. It's how he chooses to use them. He is a biter! Ouch. Luckily he takes bottles and he is eating solids 3 times a day.

2. Beckham is a giant! He tips the scale at 20 lbs and is 29 inches long. He is 6 1/2 months old. For a comparison, Katie is 29 lbs and she's almost 2 1/2. He's actually slowed down growing quite a bit. He was born at 9 lbs 4 ozs, and didn't look back. He crawls, sits up, and I've recently caught him with his hand in the cookie jar! Oh wait, it was pulling up to standing. Yikes, I wanted him to stay a little slug on the floor for longer.

3. Hammy only rolls one way. He absolutely won't roll over his right side. He'll scream like a stuck pig until you move him. I use this to my advantage of course. If he is drinking a bottle, I will put his left side against something so he will stay put and drink it. Mwahahahah I'm an evil genius.

4. Beckham does not like bananas. (Aaron doesn't either)He will gag and threaten to throw up every time. No matter what you mix it with. Or how excited I act- he will not eat them. Which is too bad because it's cheap and easy to mash.

5. He loves his jumperoo. I also love it. He will stay happy in that thing forever! It also keeps him from being crushed by Katie, who loves to ride him like a horse. Which he thinks is the funniest thing ever. But she usually ends up being too rough.

6. He has been sick all month! He started antibiotics on jan 9th for double ear infections. They didn't clear up, but hey we tried. He also got 2 of his teeth this month. He had croup at christmas and now he has a cold, just got shots and is still having trouble with his ears. So I think he is more like a normal kid now. He is usually such a quiet, happy guy. I am so lucky!

Hope you have all enjoyed my longest, most awesome post ever... and now I tag Brittany, Bryan, and both Lindseys. You know who you are!