Saturday, January 26, 2008

Japan 09!

So my younger brother, Devin, is currently serving his mission in Japan. He met a guy there, who is from Arizona. He used to live in Chandler. I thought that was funny and a little crazy! Small world. Also, I am planning my Japan 09 trip! Aaron graduates in May, and Devin gets home that March. So the 3 of us, and Aaron's brother Kit are planning to go to Japan in maybe June 09. We'll go to places that Dev suggests probably, and it will be quite handy to have someone who speaks the language. I will be starting japanese classes soon- although I doubt I will ever be fluent! I am saving my nickles and dimes for my trip- we will be leaving the kids with relatives so that feels a little weird, but Beckham will be 2, Katie 4 and Sami 5-so they should be fine right?

Date night!

So last night Aaron and I went on our first kidless date night since little Ham-chops was born. So that was awesome. We went to Pf Changs-tasty! And then we went shopping at GAP. haha We always end up running errands on dates. Thanks to Lindsey for watching all the kids! It was fun although I kept feeling like I was forgetting something the whole time. Beckham has 4 very sharp teeth with more on the way so we are half-way in the transition to bottles. I am too lazy at night...he is really liking solids so that has been fun. I am getting excited for my trip to Utah. My brother Brent has a leave (he is currently serving in the army, in Iraq.) in early Feb. So I am heading down with the kids for 2 weeks! It should be fun.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chuck E cheese partay!

We got to see Tim and Becca quite a bit over new years, and as an added bonus we got to go to Tims' b-day party at Chuck e cheese. (you are never too old to have a party at chuck e cheese!) We had a lot of our family there and it was fun!


Ok, I haven't been on here and updated for a while. Thanks to Tim and Becca for keeping me on my toes! The kids are doing well....not. Beckham just finished up antibiotics that didn't clear up his double ear infection and Sami is in process with her meds. So it has been exciting! Just a few more reasons for me to be not sleeping at night! Video games being the first reason and then Beckham. Luckily for me, I can play video games late into the night because Beck is awake. Anyhow, I am planning a trip to Utah in about 2 weeks because my brother Brent is on leave from Iraq!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Beckham is almost 6 months and he is so close to crawling. He gets around rolling and pivoting on his tummy. I personally wouldn't mind if he stays put a little longer, but he is ready to move. He also has 4 teeth now which means I am ready to switch to bottles!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Japanese Gardens

When Kit was in town last week we headed to Portland to see the Japanese gardens. Gabe Oakey came with us as well. It was a pretty crappy day- it was raining a ton. No surprise really though. The gardens were pretty although I'd love to come back in the spring when flowers and such are in bloom.

Snow time

So we took the girls out to play in the snow. We drove about 25 mins away. Uncle Kit was with us and the girls had fun sliding down hills with him and Aaron. The boys were the sleds, so that was funny to see. The girls helped build a snowman which they named Frosty- pretty original I know. But they had fun and looked really cute in the process. (The girls, not Aaron and Kit.)