Friday, April 4, 2008


So I thought I'd relate the story of my drug bust. Drug bust you are wondering? Well, technically it wasn't my drug bust. So begins my tale... Sami and I were headed to Kohls. She fell asleep, so when I noticed a Sonic, I pulled over. (It's kind of a built in instinct.) Since Sami was sleeping, I pulled into a stall. I ordered my food and started my favorite past time: people watching. I casually noticed the white pathfinder parked two stalls away. There were no cars between us and I probably noticed it only because there were two guys standing with the back hatch open. The thought that they probably had a flat tire on the other side of the car passed through my head. I was adjusting the song in the car when I heard tires squealing, doors slamming, and people yelling. I looked around me to see several extra cars suddenly parked helter skelter (and yes, I just said helter skelter.) and people with bulletproof vests and guns hopping out of them. They had their guns pointed at the two dudes. One was an undercover cop I guess, and they arrested the other guy. He had placed a black duffel bag of the good stuff in the cops vehicle. As all these unmarked cars, and equally unmarked officers converged on the scene, I thought, maybe gang members are getting smarter. Maybe they are really stressing gang shooting safety or something. To improve their kill/death ratios. Or maybe I'm the only one who thinks about improving stuff like that... Anyhow, so ended my exciting trip to Sonic. I did thouroughly enjoy my strawberry cream slush, and tator tots. Sami enjoyed, well nothing since she was asleep. (Actually I bought her tots and an apple juice slush. I'm not that cold hearted!) I thought of posting a picture of some drugs but I didn't want people getting the wrong idea. (I never inhaled)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Official plea for help!

Alright people, this is my official call for help/advice. I am drowning here. Katie is really hard to handle lately. Not all the time, but with specific subjects.?. Her biggest issue is Beckham. She is constantly bothering him. She grabs him and holds on to him, won't let him get away and she pushes him over if he is standing up. She gets in his face and yells at him so he will cry. I know she's just doing it to see his reaction because she does the same thing with Sami. Sami however, can defend herself or ignore Katie. I've tried time-outs and even a spank here and there. ( i know I'm horrible!) How do you guys do your time-outs (or beatings) I am just wondering if anyone else had a kid combo like this, and what they tried or if anyone has suggestions. I've already tried selling her on craigslist but no takers...
So to relieve a little stress I looked for a potentially embarassing photo of her! This is Katie at about 8 months. She is bathing in Tim and Becca's awesome sink!