Monday, August 4, 2008


O.k it's been awhile since I was tagged. I think people had given up on me for a while. So here it is!

Ten years ago I was...
16! Ah to be young again! I was probably hopefully maybe going on dates... We were living in Chandler, Arizona, and I was a sophmore in high school. I would have been attending classes faithfully every day, not enjoying pancakes at IHOP instead. I would also be charging my friends for the ice cream they were eating at my awesome tasty job-Baskin Robbins. (I made that pink shirt and visor look good) I would also have been injuring my ankle in volleyball at school.

5 things on my to-do list:
1. Get packed to move.
2. Enjoy a nice get-a-way to the anniversary inn in Logan Ut. (thanks to Jennie)
3. Get packed to move.
4. Enjoy my concealed carry permit class! (Merry christmas to me!)
5. Give poor Aaron a haircut and do my color.

A snack I enjoy...
Do I have to limit it to one? Recently I am really loving sour skittles and beef jerkey. Weird combination I know. And no, I am not pregnant. At least I don't think I am......

Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Pay off Aarons' school debt. (ouch!)
Buy myself a nice new fancy minivan! (aaron can keep his old car...)
I would love to adopt some children from foreign countries. (then I could quit going through that painful process)
Help out family and friends!

Places I have lived:
Clearfield, Utah
Little Rock, Arkansas (for like 3 months)
Ogden, Utah
Sacramento, California
Some little town in northern California
Ogden, Utah
Chandler, Arizona
Gilbert, Arizona
Forest Grove, Oregon
Ogden, Utah

And now to tag some others: Becca, Mckenna, and Amelia. Two have new babies so I'll understand if you are otherwise engaged, but Becca no excuses...