Sunday, May 25, 2008

We are alive!

Ok so you are all wondering what happened to me... I hope. Well we moved and are living in Utah now. We have been busy having fun! The kids love having a yard to play in and getting to see their cousins. Aaron and I got to go to L.A. We went with my brother Derek, and my sis-in-law Janel. We left the kids with my parents and my two sister-in-laws. Then we flew to L.A on Friday and Derek and Janel drove from AZ and met us there. We played at six flags on sat and came home sunday. It was so much fun! It was a nice break from the chilluns, although I must say that I missed them.

Well, the kids have been sick again. Sami and Katie had strep throat last week, and Katie also had an ear infection. Beckham ended up getting tubes put in last month. He's had two more sets of ear infections since then, so I'm not sure if it helped?!? Hopefully it'll start getting better. He has 8 teeth with two more on the way. And he will be a year in July! Man that went fast!

Aaron finished his first week at his internship here, and he is enjoying it so far. We are doing well, and enjoying being around so much family. I will be better at adding stuff from now on!