Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photo shoot

My wonderful, awesome, funny, amazing, talented friend, Heather Taylor, took some awesome photos of the kids and I the other day. It was freezing cold, and my kids weren't that cooperative but she did an amazing job! It was hard to pick only a few to put on here. Thanks again Heather! A+

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So this is kind of a boring post but, I really need to find a preschool for the girls to finish out the year in when we get to Arizona. I also need to find somewhere for Sami to go to KINDERGARTEN! Holy smokes, I have a kindergartener. I can't believe it! So please offer suggestions for places you know and love! Pretty please with a cherry on top! We will be living in chandler, so somewhere close is ideal. But any and all suggestions are appreciated. If you have a contact name and number to leave that would be great, because then you do all the work for me! Aaron will be arriving into town around Feb. 9th or 10th. His dad, Gail, is coming with him, and they will clean up the house and get it ready for us. Knowing Gail, he'll probably tear it down, and build a fresh, new one! (The man is a miracle worker) The kids and I will be arriving somewhere in the 20's of Feb. We are headed down through Utah to have a nice vacation with family, and friends in Utah. Although, it might not be as nice for them since I am bringing my 3 terrors with me. Muwhahahahahah scene fades out...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Janel is here!

I am so excited to have my sister Janel here to visit me! I think she is getting a real eye opener spending all this time with my crazy kids. She is having her first, a girl, this June. So hopefully we don't convince her to stop after one. Here we are picking her up at the airport, and then Sami and Beckham were modeling some of her winter accessories. She probably doesn't get much of a chance to use them in Arizona. She'll be here till Sunday and we are planning to have some fun. I was sick all day today so that wasn't much fun for her I'm sure, but the kids loved their nanny for the day. Don't tell her that I was faking just so I could get the day off!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fun at the beach!

We went to Bandon beach today with Grandpa and Grandma Lambson, Heather and Mikayla, Jasmine and Uncle Erik. We had a great time looking for agates and playing in the sand. It was pretty chilly but the kids still had a good time.